Liderazgo lingüístico: Transformando tus hábitos lingüísticos

Duration: 3 hours / Language: Spanish
Bidane Gartzia · 2022-09-05

¡Hola! Aquí encontrarás toda la inforamción sobre el curso.

Yo soy Nahia

I propose to make a personal journey through this course. Through this tour you will understand the importance that languages have in society and what is the role they play; You will learn the concepts and elements that affect behavior, you will become aware of how you act... and, if you think so, I will help you change your linguistic habits.

I will be your companion in this internal process that you will carry out during the course. Let's start the trip?



of the interaction between language and society


about the situations of languages and their imbalances


the vital development of Basque


the importance of commitment and the motivation of people speaking in the use of the language


of the keys to transform linguistic customs

Structure and methodology

This course will be developed entirely online. The online modality offers us great flexibility, since each participant can manage their space and time of dedication, within the marked times.

The course consists of 5 units. All units will have reflection approaches, theoretical content and activities. Remember that as you complete the units and lessons, the following ones will be activated; that is, you will complete all the presented screens in order.

At the end of the course you will have an evaluation, and once you pass it, you will get a certificate, downloadable directly from the platform itself.

Various sociolinguistic concepts are covered in the course. These definitions are contained in the Sociolinguistics Manual published by the Basque Government and the Sociolinguistics Cluster.

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