Non-sexist use of language

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Bidane Gartzia · 2022-09-19

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Building equality through language!

In this course we will talk about the importance of language in promoting equality between women and men. You will have the opportunity to reflect on the reality we construct through language, become aware of it and discover the main concepts to be aware of in favor of a non-sexist use.


The public

reflect on its reflection in language.

Genres in language

to know the consequences.


get to know the concept and learn to identify it in the language.


get to know the concept and learn to identify it in the language.

in the language

learn the keys to avoid androcentrism and sexism.

Non-sexist use of language

get the resources to do it, to apply it in reports, documents, presentations or emails.

Structure and methodology

This course will be developed entirely online. The online modality offers us great flexibility, because each participant can manage their dedicated space and time, within the marked deadlines.

The course consists of 5 units. All units will have reflection approaches, theoretical content and activities. Remember, as you complete the units and lessons, the following will be deactivated; that is, you will complete all the presented screens in order.

At the end of the course you will have a final assessment, and after passing this, you will have a certificate available on the platform itself.

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